Poor baby duck. It watches all its siblings hop onto the ledge with relative ease, but for this little one, well, it takes some doing.

Eleven attempts end in failure, including failures that result in the duckling squirming on its back as it tries to get back on its feet. But does the little duck give up? No, because that's not what ducks do! Does the human filming this intervene after the fifth or sixth failure so the little duck doesn't injury itself in some way? No, because that's not what humans do (and to be fair, who knows what the mother duck would've done at that point.)

It may take until that 12th hop to make it, but that little duck believed in itself and its ability to make that jump.

So if you encounter any obstacles today, just remember the duckling and be tenacious.

This little duckling refuses to give up
Even if the duckling can't hop up to its family on the first, second, third, fourth or fifth try, it keeps at it.