A sunrise is always more beautiful when you can share it with someone else — especially if that someone else is a sea turtle.

Steve Booker found the sea turtle belly up near a drainage pipe in Cozumel. On the video, he theorizes that the turtle had crossed the street and then fallen over the embankment, landing on its shell. After setting up his camera to capture the moment, he quickly flips the sea turtle onto its stomach and then steps away.

From here on out, Booker does not interfere directly with the turtle's journey back to the ocean. Instead, Booker provides commentary and words of encouragement to the turtle as it makes its trip. He notes that the shell appears cracked, but that the turtle could likely heal. "Mother Nature's pretty resilient," he says.

As the turtle crawls through the sand and takes moments to rest, Booker says, "Come on, baby, get to the water. You can do it." And the sea turtle does indeed, reaching the surf as the sun begins to rise high into the sky.

It's a truly beautiful moment, and one that Booker isn't likely to forget.

Man helps sea turtle swim off into the sunrise
An American tourist found a flipped sea turtle in Cozumel, Mexico, and the the right thing by making sure it got back to the ocean.