When the Cincinnati Zoo went looking for a canine caretaker to help tend to baby animals abandoned by their parents, they visited the local shelter. When they found 8-month-old Blakely, they knew they had found their new nurse in the Australian shepherd. Now 5 years old, Blakely has cared for a variety of young animals at the zoo, including foxes and ocelots.

His current task is caring for litter of cheetah cubs — and they keep him on his toes.

Blakely's job is to help the babies learn proper animal cues through play so they know how to act around their own species when they return to their respective enclosures, explains owner Dawn Strasser in the video. Since caring for baby animals isn't a normal 9-to-5 job, Blakely is always alert, minding his charges just like any parent would.

At least he has a little space to himself in the office he "shares" with Strasser.

Meet Blakely, chief play officer at the zoo
Blakely, an Australian shepherd, works at the Cincinnati Zoo by helping to socialize baby animals orphaned by their parents.