Much in the same way the natural world is filled with wonders for us humans, the trappings of the human world can be a curiosity for animals. Case in point: Mr. Hawk of Lincoln, Nebraska.

It seems Mr. Hawk is both fascinated and flummoxed by a camera belonging to the local 10/11 weather team that offers views of the city. The hawk peers into it, seems to make noises at it (there's no audio, so, rest assured, your earbuds are working fine) and tries tilting its head to fantastic angles to see if it can get a rise out of the mysterious thing. Even a couple of polite nips with its beak don't cause a reaction, which surely frustrates Mr. Hawk even more. But in much the same way nature is still a mystery to us, this weather camera will remain a mystery to Mr. Hawk.

Mr. Hawk is ready for his close-up
Hawk is fascinated and flummoxed by local weather team's city view camera.