Oops, looks like someone's gotten themselves into a ditch and can't seem to get back onto higher ground.

Filmed last April, this video shows baby elephant Lia struggling to pull herself out of a ditch in Indonesia's Barumun Nagari Wildlife Sanctuary. She just can't seem to get her footing, the poor calf. Luckily, Lia gets some help from her family.

Her aunt, Kery, walks by and sees Lia struggling and goes to assist. Kery gives a gentle nudge to Lia to head back into the ditch and then heads into the ditch herself. From there, Kery gets behind her niece and boosts her up and out. Hooray! Kery then easily walks out of the ditch herself.

Elephants have long been recognized as empathetic animals. They mourn their dead and they console one another. Kery's behavior isn't even out of the ordinary as helping baby elephants out of mud holes is pretty much par for the course for adult elephants. She was only doing what many elephants before her have done.

'Need a boost?' Elephant helps baby elephant out of a ditch
An elephant calf was stuck in a ditch in Indonesia's Barumun Nagari Wildlife Sanctuary before it got some help from an adult.