Ferg Horne, a farmer in New Zealand, was doing his neighbor a favor by herding a flock of sheep away from floodwaters on July 22 when he spotted something very odd. His neighbor didn't have any black-faced sheep, and yet Horne spied dark spots in the flock. As he got closer, he assumed it was just debris that had washed onto the sheep. Upon further inspection, however, it turned out to be three black rabbits. They were riding the sheep to safety.

"I couldn't believe it for a start," Horne told the AP.

Horne, who acknowledges that he's "useless with technology," still managed to catch the moment with his smartphone. In fact, he actually intended just to take a picture but ended up shooting a video instead.

There were three rabbits, two on one sheep, and then another solo rabbit on another. In New Zealand, rabbits are typically considered pests, but the pluckiness of these rabbits kept them alive. "But they'd showed so much initiative, I thought they deserved to live, those rabbits," Horne said.

Horne herded the sheep to higher, drier ground, which necessitated a bit of jumping on the sheep's parts, and so the rabbits had to hang onto the wool with their claws.

After the floodwaters receded a bit later in the day, Horne returned to find the sheep happy and the rabbits gone. At least he'll always have this video of a very surprising sight.

New Zealand rabbits surf sheep to escape flood
These New Zealand rabbits were trying to escape a flood and sheep were happy to give them a ride.