Sometimes you find just the right piece of furniture to tie a space together. It could be anything, from a rug to an accent pillow. In the case of the octopus that resides near an underwater observatory, what really ties his space together — figuratively and literally — is a blue cable wrapped around another coil of cables.

As researchers perform repairs on an underwater observatory using a remote operated vehicle (ROV), a little octopus studies the ROV's arm as it works. After watching as one cable is removed, the octopus has had enough of this robotic arm messing with its home and lays claim to the blue cable. It puffs itself up, perhaps in an effort to scare the "home invader."

See who wins this deep sea tug of war.

Octopus defends cable from underwater robot
An ROV is doing some repair work on an underwater observatory but an octopus decides it would rather not have anything disturbed.