Home is where the heart is. Or, if you're a veined octopus, it's wherever you find shelter on the ocean floor as to better surprise your prey.

Octopuses have been known to use all sorts things for their homes, including abandoned conch shells, rocky crevices and discarded coconut shells. However, sometimes those options aren't readily available on the ocean floor, and an octopus is forced to improvise, like the tiny Amphioctopus marginatus in the video does. The aquatic critter initially considers a spoon, but decides to make do with the flip-flop, contorting and burrowing itself underneath the beach-friendly footwear.

While the video is humorous in the octopus's attempts at home remodeling, it's also a stark reminder about humans' habit of simply tossing (or losing) things in the ocean.

Octopus finds ocean floor home in flip-flop
Octopuses like tight-fitting, well-hidden places to live. But how well does a flip-flop work?