Camouflage is a useful trait many animals have developed over time. Blending into surroundings allows them to avoid predators, so if you're a seal, and you look like a big rock on the beach, you may not to have to worry too much about an aggressive sea predator coming up on shore to try and snag a quick bite.

Of course, if you're a seal and you look like a big rock in a zoo enclosure that also has penguins in it, a penguin may walk all over you.

That's what happens to this poor seal — just sleeping and minding its business when a penguin, out for a quick stroll, starts hopping from rock to rock to seal. The seal reacts in what is probably more surprise than pain before the penguin quickly waddles off without so much as an apology. The seal settles back down into its nap, all the while unaware that there's another penguin off to the side thinking, "Well, that looked like fun!"

Cool, calm penguin mistakes seal for a rock, goes on with his day
This penguin hops from rock onto a seal, who isn't happy about it. But penguin isn't going to let some seal get in the way and keeps going.