As we enter autumn, temperatures are dropping and many of us are already looking back at July and August with a sense of warm, wistful nostalgia. The very idea of a kiddie pool full of ice cubes is likely enough to send many of us scurrying for an extra cardigan.

Not so for Nora the polar bear, a new resident of the Oregon Zoo. A kiddie pool full of ice is exactly the type of treat Nora enjoys. She rolls around, burrows (as much as one can in a pool of this size) and tosses ice into the air. Basically, Nora's happier than any other animal on the planet at this very moment.

Born at the Columbus Zoo last November, Nora arrived at the Oregon Zoo after her mother at the Columbus Zoo abandoned her and keepers decided to hand-rear her. The Oregon Zoo had euthanized Conrad, their oldest polar bear resident in July, and so the zoos worked out an exchange. Oregon Zoo keepers hope that Conrad's sister, Tasul, will be a mentor for Nora. If you want to visit Nora, zoo officials expect she'll make her public debut sometime this month.

Polar bear loses it over kiddie pool full of ice
Never has someone been so happy to see a tub of of ice as this polar bear.