The weather was lovely in San Francisco over the weekend, so a family of geese decided to see the sights ... by walking across the Bay Bridge.

This isn't exactly a safe idea for anyone, let alone two adult geese and some cute goslings, so a pair of California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers opted to give the geese a police escort. The slow crawl along the 4.5-mile-long bridge was performed by a CHP trainee and his training officer, the agency explains on social media.

The post from the CHP officers suggests the geese were heading toward Treasure Island, but that may just be a joke.

As the Sacramento Bee points out, the geese don't appear to be anywhere near Treasure Island, which is around the halfway point of the bridge, so it's possible they were planning a day trip to San Francisco instead.

Police escort family of geese across Bay Bridge
The geese were reportedly heading toward Treasure Island when the police offered them protection on the busy road.