As any parent with multiple kids can attest, getting everyone in (or out) of the house can be a odyssey. There's misplaced shoes to rediscover and jackets to put on when leaving the house. And then, upon returning, well, there are more shoes to discover and how did that jacket get inside-out with you in it?

It turns out humans aren't the only ones that have to deal with rambunctious little ones.

This family of raccoons was heading home for the day, adorably climbing up the tree to their burrow. Despite one lollygagger, they're making good time as a team. But then one of the cubs seems to lose its grip on the tree and starts to panic. Mamma raccoon springs into action and reaches for the anxious kiddo, perhaps thinking what the humans are saying: "Get in here!"

And because there can't be just one crisis, the last cub overshoots the burrow and seems flummoxed as to how to get where he needs to go. The adult raccoon deftly snags the cub, balances itself on the burrow's ledge and deposits the wayward youngster into the burrow with its siblings.

Just another day in the life of a harried parent.

Just get in the burrow! Raccoon mom struggles with little ones
This mother raccoon and her family proves that herding little ones is tough, no matter what the species.