Unexpected visitors are the pits, especially if they just barge in and take off your front door. Or the small manhole cover you call your front door.

This raccoon was just minding its own business, living in its hole in a fake rock, when some invasive human up and removes the manhole cover. The raccoon scampers away, looking a bit perturbed, but it isn't willing to give up its space entirely.

After a moment, it climbs back up the rock face. It's not even flustered by the fact that the human has closed the manhole cover to its rock home. In fact, the raccoon deftly opens the manhole cover and slides back into its hidey-hole. Once there, it even makes sure the manhole is secured by giving it a quick twist.

Let this be a lesson to all of us: Never just drop by without warning, and especially don't do it to a raccoon living in a fake rock.

This raccoon was not expecting visitors
This raccoon would prefer it if maybe visitors didn't just barge into its manhole-cover home.