A Reddit user (whose name is so touchy that we can't put in on a family website) was just enjoying a bike ride when ... BEAR!

Yes, a bear. It's just hanging out in the middle of a bike trail, maybe waiting to make a new friend. Or a new meal. Either way, the bear's presence understandably surprises the video auteur and sends him crashing into the nearby brush.

The biker uploaded the video to Reddit in a post appropriately titled "There are better places to sit, bro" and began answering questions and replying to comments.

Naturally, the most sought-after thing from other Redditors was the rest of the video, which the guy provided (warning: strong language right at the start). After that, he fielded basic questions about where the trail is (Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Alaska) and how he typically protects himself while biking. ("I don't often carry a gun. This is a park that's in the city so it feels weird carrying there. When I do backcountry stuff I have a chest mounted gun that I carry. Safety on, nothing in the chamber.") Also on Reddit: some threads from the bear's perspective, and why it may've picked this particular spot.

The poor cyclist started an impromptu ask me anything (AMA) thread in the post, too, with questions ranging from his stance on bears' right to have arms ("I think they deserve that right but would prefer it not be my arm.") to the chest mount for his GoPro camera (it's a Feiyu-Tech WGS). There's a marriage proposal, naturally, but also a discussion of the wildlife he sees while biking (mostly moose, which might be more dangerous than bears, honestly).

Despite some folks in the post being know-it-alls about riding techniques, our guy is self-deprecating about his near-collision with the bear. When a Redditor jokingly suggests that the bear might think this guy is a bad biker, he replies, "From most people's perspective, I'm a really bad biker." He even admits that he originally thought that the bear was a fat dog. He also makes fun of being an accountant: "I have no funny memories from childhood because I'm an accountant and all fun has been purged. Interesting fact....again, accountant."

From my perspective, the Redditor is a pretty good cyclist — I would've probably just left the bike as a sacrifice to the bear, as another user suggested — and his attitude about the whole scary encounter is decidedly fun.

Relaxing bear ruins man's scenic bike ride
A biker unexpectedly encountered a bear in Anchorage and posted the video of the encounter on Reddit.