Property isn't the only thing being affected by the intense storms battering the east coast of Australia; the country's wildlife are struggling, too, including a tiny koala called Louise.

Louise was discovered on June 6 on the storm-soaked ground outside a chicken coop by Sue Swain, who then contacted the local koala rescue center, HKPS Koala Care and Rescue.

Louise was abandoned by her mother for unknown reasons. There was an adult koala in the tree above Louise, but calls from the ground-stranded Louise went unacknowledged by the adult, and attempts to get Louise to climb the tree by rescue workers were unsuccessful.

Weighing only 12 ounces, it was clear Louise would need a great deal of human care.

Swain has been tending to tiny Louise by feeding her around the clock and making sure the tiny marsupial stays warm. While it was difficult at first, Swain reported to Mashable that Louise is becoming more accepting of her human foster mother and is gaining weight.

Once Louise is out of the woods and weaned, "she'll be put into a kindergarten situation with other young koalas to learn to be a big girl koala," Simone Aurino, HKPS' rescue coordinator told Mashable.

Until then, Louise will enjoy plenty of blankets, feedings and well-wishes from the internet.

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