If all animals became round overnight, would their daily lives still run as smoothly? Animators Kyra Buschor and Constantin Paeplow asked themselves that question in 2012, and they have been answering it in the form of funny animated clips ever since.

They chose the perfect setting for their animated shorts. Africa is home to several different predatory species, and seeing the way their hunting techniques would be altered if they were suddenly round is laugh-out-loud funny. (With its normally stealthy approach no longer an option, that crocodile has to go through a lot to be able to sneak up on a herd of zebras!)

After the videos received a lot of attention and love from fans, Buschor and Paeplow decided to continue their work with the adorably round animals. They now have a total of seven animations, and you can watch them all on the Rollin' Wild website.

Rollin' Safari will make you roll with laughter
This clip is part of an ongoing project to answer the question, 'What if animals were round?'