When you think of firefighters saving animals, the image that generally comes to mind is a firefighter retrieving a cat from a tree. But what about a whole barn of pigs?

That's exactly what firefighters in Russia's Tomsk region did earlier this year. A sizable fire had broken out and was consuming the roof of a barn. While some firefighters worked on extinguishing the flames, others set to work saving 150 pigs of various ages. Some carried out squeaking piglets, often by the armful, while others attempted to herd the larger members of the barn to safety.

The pigs seemed to appreciate the save. Some of these little piggies were playing in the snow following the rescue. For once, the cool Russian winter must have felt like just the right temperature.

These little piggies got saved from a fire
A large fire almost engulfed a whole barn of pigs, but firefighters were on hand to save the day.