Warning: The people on the tour boat use some colorful language when the seal jumps onto the boat unexpectedly. Earphones recommended.

Natural selection refers to the process by which animals pass down genetic traits that will help the species to thrive. Generally, that doesn't include jumping aboard a tour boat full of humans to escape predators — but perhaps that's an option now.

On a tour around Vancouver Island, a location known for its whale sightings, humans are enjoying the view when a seal swims up and then scurries onto their vessel. The seal was evading multiple groups of killer whales, and it decided that any port in this particular storm would do. The confused seal slips off the boat a couple of times, but it scampers back up near the engines, just out of the way of the whales. The whales begin circling the boat, even coming right up under the engines. You can see one such whale around the 30-second mark and then another one at the 1:40 mark.

Nick Templeman, who runs the tour boat, told CNN he was surprised by the number of whales that were after this particular seal. "This was not one family group but three or four family groups."

After circling the boat for 30 minutes or so, the whales moved on, and the seal returned to the sea. No doubt it'll tell the other seals to try this trick in the future.

Seal hops on tour boat as killer whales circle
A seal seeks refuge from killer whales on board a tour boat near Vancouver Island.