No one told these sloth bears to be careful with their new toy.

Living in the Beekse Bergen Safari Park in the Netherlands, this trio of sloth bears aren't sure what to make of a pink balloon that floats into their enclosure with little fanfare. The pink orb bounces when touched and moves seemingly on its own, but it doesn't seem afraid of the bears in the least. One of the bears gets up in its hind legs to chase after the balloon as it floats away.

It's an amusing sight, seeing a bear with a scruffy mane — not to mention razor-sharp claws — practically waddle after a pink balloon.

But under closer scrutiny from this curious trio, the balloon pops. Playtime is over until something else floats by for a visit.

Sloth bears intrigued by pink balloon
These sloth bears enjoy their brief time with a bright new toy.