The internet loves inter-species animal friendships. Such relationships demonstrate that affection can transcend all sorts of barriers, from predator and prey to geography and habitat differences. It's the latter barrier that was overcome with this video as two cats made friends with a snail.

Words fail to describe the sheer awesomeness of a cat simply chilling out while a snail crawls along its paw, but let's just call it remarkably cool. The world would be a better place if the rest of us were that relaxed with others. It's only outdone by the snail stretching itself out to meet the other cat's nose, a sign of greeting — or at least curiosity — in a non-aggressive, "Hey there, new friend" sort of way.

We dare you not to go, "Awwwww!"

Snail and kitties really can be friends
Another adorable inter-species friendship develops as a snail makes friends with two cats.