Many a day in the park has been spent watching squirrels commit acts of arboreal acrobatics and thinking, "It'd be cool to be able to do that."

Now, thanks to a squirrel with sticky fingers, you can get a pretty close approximation.

This thieving squirrel absconds with a GoPro and leads the owners on a merry chase through the treetops. The footage recovered by the camera's owner is pretty amazing.

Because of the camera's position, we only see the squirrel's chest, not its point of view — making us more like an acorn kidnapped by the squirrel and taken along for a ride. It's no less dizzying an experience than seeing the chase through squirrel's perspective, and, if anything, it offers a unique view of the squirrel's movements: heart racing, fast-skittering legs and grasping claws as the agile creature flies along the tree branches.

After several moments of nibbling on it, the squirrel eventually drops the camera, knocking out its memory card. The last 30 seconds or so of the chase are lost, but the four minutes that precede it are nothing short of nature and technology at their finest.

This is what it must feel like to be kidnapped by a squirrel
A squirrel got its mouth on a GoPro and ran with it. Watching the video is the closest you'll ever come to being carried by a squirrel.