Snow is a great thing to play in, as many of us can attest. Making snow angels, having snowball fights and, of course, building snowmen. The caretakers of Da Mao, the panda at the Toronto Zoo, thought he might enjoy a snowman companion this winter. And enjoy the snowman Da Mao did ... by completely destroying it.

The curious panda starts clawing at the snowman's body and then moves onto the head, but neither seems to be affected by the panda's claws. Da Mao, however, doesn't give up and decides the best course of action is to climb on top of the snowman. While Da Mao tips the head off — after cutely and precariously balancing on it — the snowman achieves a small victory as its head boinks Da Mao on the snout.

Now the snowman is a bit more climbable, and Da Mao has a great time toppling over it, rolling around in the snow and, of course, continuing to tear it apart. And after all the hard work his keepers probably put into building it!

Toronto Zoo panda does battle with snowman
The panda manages to remove the snowman's head, but the snowman gets the last laugh as the panda flails about in the snow.