There are always surprises lurking on the ocean floor. One diver, PT Hirschfield, learned this first-hand when she interrupted an octopus as it was hunting for a snack.

Hirschfield spotted the octopus stalking its prey and went to investigate. Based on previous experience, she assumed the tentacled creature would ignore her since it was focused on catching dinner. But this octopus preferred to hunt and dine alone, apparently. Hirschfield felt that the octopus was "becoming a tad annoyed by my continued presence" and lunged toward Hirschfield while puffing up, presumably to capture the crab it had its eye on, but maybe to also intimidate the human onlooker.

Noting that the octopus's color didn't change in any way — normally a sign of the critter feeling threatened — Hirschfield continued to follow the octopus until she saw "the cogs turning in its mind" about how best to get rid of her. In a moment of interspecies understanding, Hirschfield recognized that the octopus was about to charge her, but also that the octopus wasn't really looking for a fight. You can see the end result of this silent communication at the end of the video as Hirschfield begins to swim back up to the water's surface just as the octopus torpedoes itself at her.

"We had understood each other perfectly. It had asserted its control of the situation and I left it to continue its hunt alone," she wrote of the encounter. "Though we clearly meant each other no harm, but the time had come to swim in opposite directions."

'Annoyed' octopus puffs up for diver
This octopus puffed up at the sight of the a diver, or did it just try to grab a bite to eat?