A blizzard dropped a considerable amount of snow across the Mid-Atlantic United States and some of the Southeast Jan. 22-24. All the snow was a good excuse for many to stay in and watch movies or make a dent in some adult coloring books, but others decided to go and play instead.

Tian Tian, the giant panda at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.C., definitely fell into the latter group. As the video shows, the panda had a grand time rolling around and covering himself with the snow. Tian Tian wasn't the only one in D.C. who enjoyed the blizzard: Humans took to the streets for an organized "Star Wars"-themed snowball battle.

Watch Tian Tian the panda roll in the snow
Tian Tian the giant panda from the Smithsonian National Zoo had a grand time rolling around in the snow dropped by Winter Storm Jonas.