Unless you work in a zoo or out in the wild (or on a plane in which Samuel L. Jackson is a passenger), you do not expect snakes to appear in your office. Guess we should add Australian local news stations to the list as well now.

Somehow a snake infiltrated an editing suite of Northern Territory's 9 News Darwin. Maybe it was looking to become an on-air correspondent and just got lost. Either way, the snake needed to be removed, but how? The station's news director, Kate Limon, originally suggested just burning down the entire building.

Luckily, less reactionary courses of actions were implemented as a cool-as-a-cucumber colleague of Limon's, the station's program manager, deftly pulled the snake out of from behind some monitors and handled the snake with practiced ease. The snake wasn't exactly keen on going into a tote bag, but then the fellow handling the tote bag didn't seem keen on having a snake in the bag, either.

The snake was eventually bagged and then released back into the wild, perhaps to get a bit more field experience before auditioning again.

Watch this woman remove a snake from the office like it's a normal day
An employee from Australia's Nine News Darwin removes a snake from an editing suite like it's nothing.