When we humans set out to commune with nature, we don't always think we're going to actually communicate with nature. Some campers, though, managed to have a sort of chat recently with the great outdoors.

Sitting on the shore of Nellie Lake in California's Kaiser Wilderness, the man in the above video shouts out across the lake. His calls of "Hey!" are returned with synchronized ripples on the water. He continues with this limited discourse and keeps getting the ripples, even tossing in a "Woo!" to change things up a bit.

What's causing this hypnotic "conversation" between man and nature? Earth Touch News theorizes that water bugs, possibly water striders, are the cause. Water striders are insects that are able to sit atop the water's surface, and they use ripples to communicate with one another. Earth Touch floats the idea that the synchronized rippling is intended to confuse potential predators. One ripple could mean there's a tasty bug on the water, but multiple ripples make it harder to find that bug.

Regardless of the cause, the sight of the ripples responding to a voice is a lovely surprise in an already beautiful patch of land.

Water bugs carry on robust 'conversation'
A man calls out to a lake and the water bugs offer a synchronized reply with ripples.