Chindi, a baby elephant in Sweden's Borås Zoo, just wants to play. The antelope at the very start of the video veers off, as if to say, "Will someone get this kid to stop following me already?"

It works well as Chindi just heads back to her parent when, lo and behold ... new friends! Winged friends! A small flock of birds are enjoying the sun, and Chiddi decides to give chase. That's how you make new friends, right? You chase them? It seems fun for Chindi to be sure, but the birds, maybe not so much. It's amusing to watch them sort of split apart, almost as if they're trying to flummox Chindi.

And it does. Chindi gets perhaps a little too excited and does the most adorable prat fall (who knew elephants could do prat falls?). This is the end of the fun, though. Chindi's fall draws the attention of her parent who starts heading over to check to make sure Chindi's OK. She seems fine, so maybe she'll try to make friends with what looks the African buffalo in the next yard!

Why doesn't anyone want to play with this baby elephant?
Chindi the baby elephant just wants someone to play with at the Borås Zoo in Sweden.