Yesterday, more than 100 ski areas from all around the United States signed on to a declaration urging the federal government to take action on implementing smart climate change policy. The declaration was put together by the nonprofit organization CERES and also garnered the signatures of corporate giants like General Motors, Nike and Levi Strauss & Co.

Ski mountains sign declaration calling for action on climate change policy

Photo: CERES

This makes perfect sense for ski resorts. Their entire industry is built around good winters. The more snow and the longer it's around, the better. Warmer summers are potent threats to the bottom line of Big Sking, so it's actually kind of surprising that it's taken so long for them to spend some money doing something about it. It's a credit to the industry that they are finally doing something about it now, but they really are at least a couple of decades late.

One of the leaders pushing for change in the ski industry is POW, or Protect Our Winters. The organization, lead by professional snowboarder and activist Jeremy Jones, has been a loud voice in professional skiing and snowboarding calling for climate change action. They should be acknowledged and thanked for working to set the conditions for this declaration.

Click over to CERES to learn more about the declaration.

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108 ski areas sign declaration calling for action on climate change
Fearful of late summers and early springs trimming their seasons, ski areas all over the United States are calling for action on climate change policy.