My buddy Jonathon Colman passed on a link to a fantastic set of infographics from Information is Beautiful that show just how clear the scientific consensus behind global warming is. 99% of publishing climatologists — you know, the people who spend their lives studying the science of climate — agree that climate change is happening and that it's because of humans.

How do you argue with that without looking like a delusional straw grasper? Lies, fear, uncertainty,and doubt. That's the playbook for the other side. Watch, they'll be here in the comments soon enough, I'm sure.

Head over to Information is Beautiful to see the whole set.

Also make sure to click over to another great infographic Information is Beautiful put together highlighting the main differences between global warming deniers and the scientific consensus.

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99% of climatologists agree global warming is manmade
This is what scientific consensus looks like -- the vast majority of scientists who spend their lives studying the climate agree that climate change is happenin