Al Gore sat down yesterday with the Daily Beast's Lloyd Grove to talk about global warming, the organized delay and doubt campaigns being waged by Big CO2 and their minions, his thoughts on what he hopes will come out of the talks in Copenhagen, and his electricity bill.

It's a great interview that you should click over to read, but if you don't have the time right now, here are a few quick highlights.

Gore on "Climategate":

"I haven't seen anything that poses the slightest challenge to the scientific consensus over the prevailing evidence that’s just overwhelming. I haven’t seen anything that really has any substance to it. Now, there is a large noise machine that receives a lot of financing from carbon polluters, a lot of support from ideological opponents of government doing anything at all."
Gore on the efforts to stall taking action on climate change:
"They have drawn out the timetable in much the same way the tobacco companies delayed the recommendations from the surgeon general back in 1964, when they dressed up actors as doctors, and gave them cigarettes and told them to look into the camera and tell people that there was no real linkage between smoking cigarettes and lung diseases."
Gore on being rich:
"I’ve never particularly cared about money or been motivated by money, but I enjoy the challenge of it and it’s very interesting. And I have pursued a business structure that at least gives me the feeling that I’m doing good while doing well."
Gore on his electricity bill:
"Well, first of all, in 2007 our home received a LEED gold certification which is the second highest you can get. We went through a two-year effort to get the zoning changed to allow us to put 33 solar panels on the roof. We dug seven geothermal wells."
And yes, he's flying on a commercial plane out of Newark to Copenhagen.

Swing over and read Lloyd Grove's entire interview with Gore at the Daily Beast.

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Al Gore flies commercial
In an interview with the Daily Beast's Lloyd Grove, Gore unloads on the fear and doubt mongers trying to delay taking action on global warming.