How do you talk to kids about a topic as serious as climate change?  

With a little help from a guitar-playing chicken and an oversized red hippo, of course!

At least, that is the idea behind the animated musical, "The Power of Poop (and other ways to save the world!)."  Using Charles Schultz's "Peanuts" cartoon as his inspiration, Poop's creator, Denis Thomopoulos, uses his cartoons to talk to kids about real-world issues, specifically, climate change. In a guest post on the Huffington Post, Thomopoulos described this form of media as eco-tainment. Through Poop, Thomopoulos hopes to inspire kids to think about the issues that are affecting our world. And if those kids then get even more inspired to act and help change the world, all the better!

So what exactly is "The Power of Poop?" It's a 30-minute cartoon musical. As you might expect, it's loaded with poop jokes and base humor, but it's also packed with info about the science behind climate change and the little things that kids can do to make a big difference. It's a playful approach to a very serious issue that leaves kids with a sense of the seriousness of global warming — but also with a sense of hope. 

"The Power of Poop" is available to stream from Thomopolous' HippoWorks website. A one-time rental costs $2.99 while purchasing the film to watch again and again will set you back $5.99. Not a bad price to pay for a movie that may just inspire your kids to change the world. If nothing else, it will certainly inspire a lot of poop jokes (sorry about that!)

Check it out in the clip below:

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