MNN cofounder Chuck Leavell has been getting a lot of great press lately. He played keyboards with the Roots on NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday. We put out a call to tweet Jimmy Fallon to mention MNN on the show, enough of you responded to get through because Fallon asked Chuck about MNN. Very nice!

You can watch the video here.

The Daily Beast wrote "A Rolling Stone's Second Act" that prominently mentions MNN. Reuters has a story titled "Eco-activist rock musician thinks local, acts global", and Access Atlanta's Peach Buzz went Behind the scenes at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Great work in getting the word out about MNN, Chuck. It's good to be a (cool, green tree farmin') rock star!

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Chuck's MNN media blitz
It's been a good week for MNN in the press as cofounder Chuck Leavell hits Jimmy Fallon's show and the pages of The Daily Beast and Reuters.