I wish I had caught this sooner.

We don't have much time, so I'll keep this short. Voting ends today over at the Weblog Awards and the blog at the head of the pack in the Best Science Blog is a hack global warming denier site. Watts Up With That (I'm not linking to 'em) is run by a former TV weatherman and is a Junk Science (another site I'm not linking to) analog site, ignoring science and reality for a skeptics delusion of conspiracy. Doubt is their product and they sow it well.

There are a lot of other good sites in the running, but if you want your vote to count against Watts Up With That, Pharyngula is running a close second, just under 2,000 votes behind.

Hat tip to my buddy Kevin Grandia, a writer at HuffPo and the brains behind Coal is Clean/Coal is Dirty

Go and vote! Polls are open for only a few more hours (close at 5pm EST)

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