A $280 million NASA satellite that would have been the agency's first to monitor CO2 levels crashed into the ocean after the rocket set to carry it into orbit failed to reach its target height. See the video of the launch here.

Are we deserting climate change as a major issue/problem to solve?

Climate Denial Crock of the Week debunks the '1,500 Year Thing". (via Treehugger)

Coal is dying. Huzzah.

The price of carbon credits on the European market has dropped dramatically, losing 2/3 of its price over this time last year. Cheap carbon credits means it's cheaper for companies to not deploy renewable energy and cleaner technologies.

Harry Reid says that an energy and climate change bill is on its way.

WorldChanging wonders if the New York Times has the scientific literacy chops to cover climate change.

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Climate change news o' the day
NASA loses a CO2 monitoring satellite, plans for new coal plants are being shelved, and the price of CO2 credits drops out on the European market.