I'm always happy to report on good green news happening up here in northern New England. New Hampshire-based Climate Counts, an organization that I've written about before that puts a lot of time and energy into tracking the environmental footprint of corporations, just released a new set of numbers for 21 of the top companies in Furniture & Home Furnishings and Large Appliances.

They really drill down and examine every aspect of a company's operation and are a great source to turn to if you want to get a good view of the relative greenness of corporations.

Steelcase took the top spot in Home Furnishings, pulling in 53 (out of 100) points. Herman Miller ran second with 46. Do you sleep on a Serta? They scored one point, Simmons earned four. Both are listed as "Stuck" by Climate Counts, they're not doing anything to be greener and are best avoided by climate conscious shoppers.

Whirlpool received a respectable 61 points in Large Appliances. LG Electronics was a point shy of halfway at 49 and Kenmore is struggling to get started at 17.

Not only is Climate Counts a great tool for people looking for greener companies to buy stuff from, but it also serves as a motivator for the companies themselves. No Impact Man wrote about Climate Counts last year and shared a great story from Climate Counts Director Wood Turner about Levi's going from 1 point in 2007 to 22 in 2008 :

We got their attention with a score of 1 pt (out of 100) on June 19 [2007] and got a call from them late that afternoon.  They were bewildered but motivated.  They acknowledged that they were behind on climate change and that the score had very much gotten their attention.  They said simply, "You got our attention. What can we do?"  And we were more than happy to take them through our 22-criteria scorecard and our key benchmarks. 

They quickly moved to begin reporting much more openly about their concrete activities and future plans, expanding their environmental reporting on their website including information about their efforts to measure their climate impact and set goals to reduce it.  These are clearly just first steps, but on the pathway toward deeper corporate climate responsibility, they are absolutely important ones because they indicate a willingness to face even greater scrutiny from an increasingly engaged consumer -- to us, that's one of the hallmarks of climate leadership.

You can find all the companies they rated by clicking through one of their 16 categories like Food Products, HotelsMedia and Airlines.

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Climate Count releases 2009 corporate green scores
Climate Count helps businesses go greener by holding their feet to the eco-fire. They just released new numbers for companies in Furniture and Large Appliances.