Climate Counts is a New Hampshire-based non-profit that scores and ranks companies based on how proactive they are in fighting climate change. They've released an updated set of green scores for 46 of the companies they track and there are some interesting take aways.

First, the Children's Equipment & Toys industry is doing terribly. The leader in the category, Hasbro, pulls an anemic 37 (out of 100). Only four of the other other twelve in the category score over a zero. The one shining star in the bunch is The LEGO Group, who jumped an impressive 22 points to 35. Newell Rubbermaid got a 9, Dorel Industries scored five, and the rest, including JAKKS Pacific, Inc., MEGA Brands, Evenflo, and BRITAX ROeMER Kindersicherheit GmbH all took home zeros for their (lack of) effort.

In comparison, pharmaceuticals scored relatively well. AstraZeneca, the leader in the category, eeked out a three point improvement over their 2009 score to land at 79. With the exception of the bottom two, Sanofi-Aventis and Amgen, all of the pharmaceutical companies managed at least a 53.

Steelcase improved seven points over their 2009 scores to score 60 to lead Home & Office Furniture/Home Furnishings. The overall category has a few stronger companies sitting on top of a field of under-performers. Herman Miller scored 54, Masco 49, it drops off from there- La-Z-Boy scored 23, Sealy 22, HNI Corporation 19, Leggett & Platt, Inc. 15, Simmons got 6, and Tempur-Pedic, Select Comfort, and Serta all tied with a score of 1.

Large Appliances benefited from being listed near these climate laggards lead by Whirlpool with 68, AB Electrolux close behind with 64, Bosh and Siemens got 58, LG Electronic 50.

Climate Counts does really important work in putting a number to the commitment of corporations to fight climate change. I wrote a piece last year about how a low Climate Counts score helped spur Levi Strauss to clean up their operations, taking their score from a 1 in 2007 to a solid 58 just two years later. Without Climate Counts to point out how badly they were doing it, they might have never come around to greening up their operations.

Click over to Climate Counts to see all the new scores and to catch up on the other corporations who have been examined and scored.

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