I try not to reference any one source in the same week but every now and then it happens- someone on my reading list finds back to back items that just scream for me to pass on.

Today it's my friend Jaymi Heimbuch over at Treehugger. Yesterday I wrote about her interview with Leah Lamb who discussed her project to pick up 560 pounds of plastic out of the ocean, today I'm sharing her post about the existence of a "Skeptical Science", a fantastic iPhone app that provides you with answers to 90 typical climate change denier claims, from "It's the sun", "It's cooling", and "Al Gore got it wrong" to "There's no empirical evidence that humans are causing global warming", "CRU emails suggest climate conspiracy", and "Global temperatures dropped sharply in 2007", and "IPCC made false predictions about Amazon rainforests".

There is a lot of confusion about climate change and global warming among the general population, driven in part by the efforts of right wing think tanks like the Heritage Foundation who use oil industry money to sow doubt, fear, and misinformation through the media. They've developed an extensive array of reasonable sounding but factually devoid arguments and blasted them out wide and deep across the American and world landscape. They get allies in the mainstream media (hello Fox News) and the Republican establishment to parrot those lines to their respective audiences. If your a neighbor, co-worker, college pal, or uncle count themselves in the denier camp and starts arguing with you about how we're actually heading into an ice age, a quick visit to Skeptical Science on your iPhone will let you swat them down handily with facts.

You can visit the app store to download Version 1.0.1 of the Skeptical Science iPhone app. It's free.

Visit the Skeptic Science home page.

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Defeat climate change deniers with an iPhone app
Skeptical Science is an app that puts the answers to most of the top questions climate change deniers ask at your iPhone enabled finger tips.