Happy Earth Minute!!!

Today, at 4:17pm EST, the world will hold their collective breath for a full sixty seconds to show how much they care for the world. Billions of pounds of CO2 will be saved when people don't breathe out and scientists predict that we'll gain another decade or two* to waste before we really start getting smacked down by climate change.

I first proposed Earth Minute last month during the run-up to Earth Day and the concept has taken the internet by storm. Nearly two blogs have written about, scores of tweets have shared the message, and billions have signed on pledging their participation**.

I'll be liveblogging here as the clock ticks over to 4:17pm EST, come back for the big event.

* Not true
** Also not true


4:17pm- Stopped breathing.

4:18pm- Started breathing again.

4:19pm- Clicked over here to find out how to actually green up my life.

Shea Gunther is a podcaster, writer, and entrepreneur living in Portland, Maine. He hosts the popular podcast "Marijuana Today Daily" and was a founder of Renewable Choice Energy, the country's leading provider of wind credits and Green Options. He plays a lot of ultimate frisbee and loves bad jokes.

Don't forget: Celebrate Earth Minute today
Hold your breath for 60 seconds today at 4:17pm EST to show how much you really care about the earth. Then it's back to life as usual.