Internews is a nonprofit organization that works to strengthen the worldwide network of local news media. They have provided training, infrastructure and other support to journalists in 70 countries since they were founded in 1982.

In 2004, Internews formed the Earth Journalism Network to support environmental coverage in developing nations. They provide small grants, assistance with production and distribution, and training to journalists in countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Mexico.

Internews and the Earth Journalism Network just announced the Earth Journalism Awards and are soliciting submissions for 14 categories of environmental journalism -- seven regional awards (South Asia, Eurasia, North America, etc...), six thematic awards (The Human Voices Award, The Energy Award, The Climate Change and Nature Award, etc....), and one viewers choice award, the Global Public Award, which will be determined by public online voting. 

The submission window is from now until Sept. 7. Winners will be flown to Copenhagen in December to cover the United Nations Climate Change Conference and for an awards ceremony.

Check out more details at the Earth Journalism Network.

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Earth Journalism Awards support worldwide local green coverage
The Earth Journalism Network is looking for the best of the best green journalism from around the world and wants your vote.