How do you do good by the environment? Treehugger wants to know.

The granddaddy of green blogs is working with well known social media blog Mashable to help drive traffic (and funds) to a cool campaign called Summer of Social Good (which guest blogger Max Gladwell wrote about here last week) which aims to raise money and awareness for four very cool charities- WWF, Oxfam America, The Humane Society, and LIVESTRONG. Today they are asking people to share things that they do to ease their impact on the environment on Twitter and to tag their tips with "#EcoGood".

They are collecting all the #EcoGood Tweets over at Treehugger, swing over and check out all the earthy green goodness.

My buddy Chris Tackett lays out details of the whole campaign here, you can donate money ($8,283 raised as of now) at the Summer of Social Good site, which is sponsored by and MailChimp.

So what do you do that's greener? Share your tips and tricks via Twitter and make sure you add #EcoGood so the rest of us can read along. You can also follow @SocialGood to stay on top of the action.

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#EcoGood: Share your green tips via Twitter
The Summer of Social Good harnesses the power of social media to raise funds and awareness for charity and wants to know what you do to make the world a cleaner