Ed Begley Jr. went on Neil Cavuto's show on Fox News and debated with substitute host Stuart Varney about the science of climate change and the recent flap over the hacked climate data and scientist e-mails. Things got heated quickly with both Begley and Varney shouting over one another. Begley did well and was clear in stating that the science of climate change is not in question — the overwhelming consensus among the world's scientific community is that climate change is real, it's man-made, and that we're already seeing its effects. I don't think he, as Lila Shapiro at Huffington Post put it, "flipped out" — he was passionate, fiery and appropriate for the venue. (Fox News' base audience understands messages better when they're shouted.)

Begley ended his four-minute clip with this comment: "You cannot destroy the commons. The commons is the air and the ocean — it's very old law!"

Check it out:


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Ed Begley Jr. gets fired up on Fox News
Your favorite green celeb and mine, Ed Begley Jr., verbally jousted with Fox News guest host Stuart Varney about the science of climate change.