Slovenia winter weather: Icy trees

All photos: Marko Korosec

After enduring a week of ice, snow and strong winds in early December, the people of Slovenia stepped outside to find a magnificent sight. Everything from vegetation to man-made structures was coated in thick, dramatic layers of hard rime, which are deposits of ice that form when fog freezes onto surfaces and objects.

Photographer Marko Korosec was on hand to document the most extreme examples of this frosty transformation, which occurred on the summits of Mount Javornik and Mount Nanos. Both mountaintops had stewed in the freezing fog cover for 10 days straight, producing some exceptionally surreal wintry creations when the stormy weather finally lifted.

"I love extreme weather," Korosec writes on his 500px page, "But this was just above my imagination what I experienced earlier this week."

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Slovenia winter weather: Ice tower
Slovenia winter weather: Cables covered in ice
Slovenia winter weather: Icy creature
Slovenia winter weather: Ice-covered chain cables
Slovenia winter weather: Tree and grass covered in ice
Slovenia winter weather: Icy road
Slovenia winter weather: Windswept ice
Slovenia winter weather: Ice-covered road sign
Slovenia winter weather: Natural ice sculptures
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Freezing fog remakes mountains of Slovenia
After enduring a week of ice, snow and strong winds, the people of Slovenia step outside to a truly magnificent sight.