Friday, Friday, Friday!

• Dennis Miller used to tell jokes, now he is a joke. He went on The O'Reilly Factor and said that Al Gore and just about all credible scientists, are just "guessing" about the science behind global warming. Click over to Ecorazzi and watch the video, what a rube. [Ecorazzi]

• MNN's own Peter Dykstra writes about the power of Twitter, the microblogging site (follow me there), to break news in the Tennessee coal ash spill story. [MNN]

• Another update to the Tennessee coal ash spill story — a report out of Duke University concludes that exposure to the radium and arsenic in the ash could have "severe health implications". Maybe not so surprising, they found that their readings of the radioactivity in the coal sludge were higher than those reported by the TVA's internal scientists. [HuffPo]

• A campaign is being waged in Japan to install toilet poems in public facilities after test studies found a 20 percent reduction in toilet paper consumption in stalls with the poems. Apparently the Japanese use less paper when they read things like "that paper will meet you only for a moment" and "Fold the paper over and over and over again" and "Love the toilet." [Metro UK]

Enjoy your freedom, see you back here on Monday.

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Friday climate change roundup
Coal ash is evil, Dennis Miller is a hack, Twitter rocks the house, and Japan is going greener with toilet poems. What a world.