So yeah... global warming is still going on. 

The Wilkins ice shelf in Antartica is on the verge of collapsing. The large ice mass is 92 miles long and 69 wide and floats on the ocean; it's disintegration won't have an immediate effect on sea levels. That will come later on down the road when the land based glaciers that have been held back by their sea-floating-brethren follow them off the land and into the water.

Scientists have found that Antarctica is definitively getting warmer. It's still damn cold there, just like it is outside my house here in Maine, but overall, the continent is seeing a warming trend that threatens to speed up the breakdown of the glaciers.

Warmer temperatures means more melting water, which channels and tunnels down through the ice to the ground and continues down slope, lubricating the slide of the land based glacier to the sea.

President Obama sure has his hands full. I don't envy his position- he's literally been put into the position of having to save the freakin' world. Has any President inherited as messy of a situation as this?

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Giant Antarctic ice shelf hanging by a thread
The Wilkins ice shelf — at 6,348 square miles, it's larger than Connecticut — is about to break away from Antarctica.