Brad Johnson and Daniel J. Weiss wrote a detailed piece over at the Wonk Room explaining how Glenn Beck was dead wrong when he accused President Obama of covering up the true cost of his environmental economic agenda. Mr. Beck claimed that the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES) would cost U.S. households $1,761 per year, even though the President told us in June that the price would be "about the same as a postage stamp per day".

Brad and Daniel go to great lengths to show just how stupid Glenn's accusation is- $1,761 is a number wholly manufactured by the folks over at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a rightwing "think tank" (they don't actually do much thinking) who I've written about before.

The actual cost of the legislation, as calculated by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office is around $175 per year per household.

Or about the cost of a postage stamp per day.

Swing over to the Wonk Room and read all the details, it's a wonkishly good read.

This made me smile- Glenn Beck had this to say in his rant last night- "Facts are stubborn. Don’t they suck?".

Yes, don't they Glenn?

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Glenn Beck is wrong about cost of climate change bill
The GOP's clown prince accused President Obama of lying about the cost of the American Clean Energy and Security Act. He couldn't be more wrong.