A few years ago, the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies released a report that segmented the U.S. population into six distinct tranches in terms of their beliefs about climate change. These six Americas and their relative proportion (in March 2012) can be described as:

• Alarmed: 13 percent

• Concerned: 26 percent

• Cautious: 29 percent

• Disengaged: 6 percent

• Doubtful: 15 percent

• Dismissive: 10 percent

The six Americas are well-named, but if you want to learn more, you can read about each group in Yale's latest report (PDF). This video does a good job of describing the project.

I have been back in college for the last two years, pursuing dual degrees in computer science and environmental science, and I'm doing a group project for my environmental communication class in which I'm examining how green media consumers fall into the six Americas. I need your help.

Please take a minute and complete this short survey on your thoughts on global warming.

I will be compiling the results of this survey into a final report later this month that I will publish here on MNN.


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Global warming's 6 Americas: Which are you?
Help this blogger with a school project by taking a short survey that examines how media consumers feel about global warming.