GoDaddy is recommending against purchasing .tv domain names because "The Island of Tuvalu is sinking".

Maybe the world will wake up to the dangers of global warming when they're unable to buy sockpuppettheater.tv.

Tuvalu is a small island located midway between Hawaii and Australia in the Pacific Ocean. A little less than 12,000 people live on the low lying 10 square mile island. It's highest point is only 14 feet, and most of the land would be swamped with a 6-12 inch rise in sea level.

Someone at GoDaddy has a strange sense of humor. I dig it.

And yes, Tuvalu is sinking.

[Wreck & Salvage] via [Boing Boing] via [Eddie Kodel]

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GoDaddy: Tuvalu is sinking, avoid .tv
One of the largest domain registrars on the Web warns that the island hosting .tv is sinking. Thanks, global warming.