Glowing ice formations: Blue and yellow icicles Photos courtesy of Annie Degre

Snowy winters can be magical and lovely, but let's be real — winter gets old fast.

You can try to keep up that nice "hygge" act for as long as possible, but by the time March rolls around, you swear you'd be totally fine if your never saw an inch of snow ever again. Still, winter has a way of worming its way back into your heart. Come July, you'll suddenly find yourself yearning for snowflakes again.

We may have an on-again, off-again relationship with winter, but you have to admit that the season's beauty is unrivaled. And one person who tries to capture the bright side of winter is Canadian photographer Annie Degré.

Many other people are content to hunker down and simply ride out this year's cold and snowy winter, but Degré makes the most of the sub-zero weather of her home in rural Quebec. She regularly ventures out to the nearby Saint-Lawrence River to capture the radiant ice formations that accumulate on the frosty shores.

Just looking at these amazing images is enough to knock the winter blues right out of you.

Glowing ice formations: Lava stone

So how does Degré achieve such dramatic lighting in her work? Well, as with everything in photography, it's all about the quality of light. By timing her photoshoots during the golden hour and juxtaposing her icy subjects in front of the path of the setting sun, the results are otherworldly.

As you can see in the before/after below, all it takes is just a few minutes for an image to completely take on a new life!


Glowing ice formations: Pre-sunset


Glowing ice formations: Post-sunset

Continue below to see more of these glowing, alien-like ice formations, and be sure to follow Degré on Instragram!

Glowing ice formations: Weird face

Glowing ice formations: Golden stone

Glowing ice formations: Golden column

Glowing ice formations: Sun setting

Glowing ice formations: Tiny ice towers

Glowing ice formations: Sun in ice hole

Glowing ice formations: Illuminated ice

Glowing ice formations

Glowing ice formations: pink blue golden

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Golden ice formations wrap winter in a warm glow
Photographer captures otherworldly images by shooting during the golden hour and juxtaposing subjects in front of the path of the setting sun.