I'm not a fan of holding global warming protests in the winter. Climate is not equal to weather, but it's still far too easy for climate change creationists to dismiss global warming protests/congressional hearings/policy speeches that get hit with shallowly ironic winter weather.

Just this month thousands of people converged on Washington, DC to protest against the insanity of burning coal for energy but were easily brushed off by mainstream media outlets (and not just Fox) because a big snowstorm happened to also converge on our nations capital on the same day.

Again, weather isn't climate, but "getting" that fact requires people to utilize a little nuance and subtle thinking, two things not found in abundance in climate change creationists.

I think every global warming protest should be scheduled for the hottest part of the year. Flip the easy imagery right back at the climate change creationists.

But if there is any special interest group who would get a pass from my recommendation to hold global warming events in the summer, it'd be the snowman lobby.

Hundreds recently gathered in snowy fields unknown to protest a shortened living season for all of snowkind.

Click over to Consumer Energy Report to see the whole photo. Someone spent a LOT of time on this. Kudos.

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Hundreds of snowmen protest global warming
I guess if anyone should protest global warming in the winter, it's the snowmen.