I love it. The House of Lords has published a cease and desist letter to Christopher Monckton, a vocal climate change denier, demanding that he stop claiming to be a member of the upper house of U.K. Parliament. They wrote to him: “You are not and have never been a member of the House of Lords. Your assertion that you are a member, but without the right to sit or vote, is a contradiction in terms."

Monckton has been as adamant in his claims to lordship as he has been in proclaiming climate change to be a hoax, so I don't expect this shot of truth to get in the way of him calling himself a lord. Some people just can't stop believing their own lies.

Via The Guardian via Think Progress

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It's official: Climate change denier Christopher Monckton is no lord
Christopher Monckton is a well-known climate change denier who fancies calling himself a lord. Find out why he really shouldn't be doing that any more.